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Leverage Best B.A.M.! Videos Messaging Software for Your Video Marketing

What is Best B.A.M.! Videos Message Tool?


The Video messaging tool allows you to make your messages feel personalized. 

Your video messages will have an embedded GIF that links to your recorded video. It works great with LinkedIn and all other social media direct messages.

The GIF takes clients to your video message landing page, where you can add:

  • your phone number

  • a custom call to action 

  • our calendar booking link

  • an invoice link,

  • or a unique blog post.

As long as it’s a URL, you can add it!


Leverage Best B.A.M.! Videos Messaging Tool to Send Direct Messages to your LinkedIn and other Social Media Accounts.

Create your video message.

Copy your URL.

Paste it into the direct message box on your LinkedIn profile.

The URL will automatically include an animated GIF to your message.

The customer will be taken to your landing page when they click on the video.

Include a reply back option, custom URL, or phone number to your landing page.

MORE Features

Our Video Messaging Tool is rich with analytics and stats, to help you make better marketing decisions!

Opening Time

We keep track of the time when your video email is opened.

Number of Views

We document the number of times, your video is viewed.

Click Notifications

We send you a notification the moment they play your video message.

Client Statistics

Comprehensive stats of opens & plays for every client

Custom CTAs

Customize the landing page to optimize conversions with custom CTA & URL.

Contact Information

Lead your customer to a reply back or get them to contact you directly through a call.

With Best B.A.M.! Videos+, You Can Create Original Video Messages!

Embed your Best B.A.M.! video messages on multiple platforms.

  • Email Campaigns

  • Facebook

  • Text Messages

  • Twitter

  • LindkedIn

  • Instagram

  • Wherever you can place a link!

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